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The leading training course provider for toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies


We would be pleased to talk to you about learning to become a toastmaster or master of ceremonies and to provide you with quality professional toastmaster training to allow you to offer the best possible services to your clients. 

The English Toastmasters Association run regular training courses which are held in our own purpose built offices and Toastmaster Training School at our headquarters in Danbury, Essex. You will have all our facilities at your fingertips.

Your toastmaster training does not stop when your course ends.

As a member of the English Toastmasters Association you have a full and ongoing professional training program to help you develop your career as a toastmaster, all included within your membership.



Please visit the official English Toastmasters Association web site for more help and information about

becoming a properly trained professional toastmaster

or call us now on 01245 222392 or 07971 409977 for a prompt reply

Learn to be a toastmaster at the English Toastmasters Association - Training School

Training courses for toastmasters and masters of ceremonies

Toastmaster training course at our school for toastmasters

Courses are run at our headquarters in Danbury, Essex by Richard Palmer, a founder member of the English Toastmasters Association®. The duration of our basic toastmaster training course is three days, which may be consecutive or broken into individual days to suit you. The timing and training course content may be tailored to match your schedule, current knowledge and experience.

We are also pleased to offer an alignment day for experienced toastmasters who wish to join The English Toastmasters Association. Our alignment day will open your eyes to new methods of working, allowing you to bring a new higher level of service to your clients.

The English Toastmasters Association

We are the only toastmaster association to have full time staff working for our professional members. The English Toastmasters Association offer unique, excellent quality courses and training to the highest possible standards and with continuous back up and support. 

Modern teaching methods

Toastmaster training courses so that you may learn to be a toastmaster and master of ceremonies Using a modern, forward thinking style of teaching we are now bringing new higher standards of training to our profession.

We are meeting the needs of individual toastmasters according to their existing experience and future aims. We believe that once a toastmaster has been trained they will not know it all. As an Association for toastmasters, we continue to look at every aspect of our work. We take the time to refine and develop new methods of delivering the best quality service to and for our members. This in turn helps them to deliver a higher quality service to their clients.

Ongoing tuition and professional development for Life 

Members of The English Toastmasters Association believe that no matter how professional our work may be, there will always be room for further improvements. Members of our Association have access to our training facilities at all times. We run MasterMind meetings for our members and with help available to our members at almost all times, we are able to help you to grow your knowledge, confidence and professional services for your clients.

We specialise in client focused services for our members. We are also pleased to offer these courses and training sessions to would be members of our organisation, who wish to provide higher levels of service to their clients. We are pleased to do this because, by raising the standards in our profession there will be more demand for our work.

Training courses for front of house staff at venues

Toastmaster training at the English Toastmasters Association annual members meetingTreat your staff and your business to specialised training for front of house staff including client care and announcements.

Most venue owners and managers comment that they have never seen a welcome announcement for brides and bridegrooms delivered in the way that our toastmasters do it.

Most guests say that they did not know that a wedding could be so much fun.

We would be pleased to offer training for groups or on a one-to-one basis for front of house staff. This will help you to give your venue or group the winning edge for client care and service.

Inspirational meetings for quality service

We hold regular meetings, both formal and informal, for our members to bring new ideas and better methods of working to the table. We are a forward thinking Association who believe our clients' satisfaction is the inspiration for us to strive for excellent service. All this so that our toastmasters' clients are assured of a truly excellent level of service!

Possibly the best toastmaster training in the world

It is quite interesting to see that some other bodies that offer training actually state that they are the best, or are "committed to providing the best course of its kind in the country giving full value for money".

We will not state that, because it is only a matter of opinion. However, we do believe that we offer exceptional value for money for exceptional toastmaster training and ongoing support.

Our courses are tailored to the individuals' needs and current capabilities. We also offer a fellowship for like minded people who wish to provide exceptional service to their clients. We are the leading toastmaster training organisation and have many testimonials from very happy toastmasters.

It is also interesting to see that we publish our testimonials from toastmasters that have attended our courses and probably have more and better recent testimonials than any other organisations offering training for toastmasters.

Business services for our toastmasters

The English Toastmasters Association is also working for it's members to provide a higher level of marketing.

We also offer other services to give better long term value to our members for their initial investment.

All members are covered by a £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THOSE LIVING OUTSIDE THE UK.

Toastmasters who are members of The English Toastmasters Association are also all affiliated to The Royal Society of St. George and many are now members in their own right as we have now formed our own branch.

The English Toastmasters Association have been providing regular meetings for our members.

These meetings are helping our members to get the leading edge. There are also three full day English Toastmasters Association meetings with luncheons. Most of these meetings are minuted and the minutes and handouts may be available in our members area for members who are not able to attend our meetings.

Information about our services

If you would like more information about how we may be able to help you get started as a toastmaster or to hone your existing skills for greater client service, please use the Contact Us area. Please complete the on line form or call Richard Palmer on 07971 409977 or office number 01245 222392 for an informal chat about your requirements. You will get a warm welcome.

For an excellent wedding toastmaster please visit the English Toastmasters Association web site.





















































































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Toastmaster Training Testimonials

A few of many testimonials which help to illustrate how our courses are run.

We are here to make sure that you get the best possible results when you learn to be a toastmaster with the

The English Toastmasters Association


I don't see any changes that could possibly make this course any better. Best three days training I've ever had in 30 years of business. Brilliant. I have learnt more than I thought I ever would in such a short time. Keep up the good work.  M.K., Yorkshire

The course was conducted in comfortable surroundings and was well structured. It was very helpful to meet other toastmasters and colleagues. V. K., Surrey

Don't change anything but please don't get me so excited about toastmastering that I can't sleep before the next day of the course. Thanks again for a fantastic learning experience. Brian Crockett, West Midlands

Excellent three days, I would not change anything - for me, it suited my style of learning.  Stephen Gregory, Essex

Don't change the way they you deliver your courses, although very intense I imagine you would not receive the practical, visual and off site training with any other association. Thank you  Andrew West, Poole, Dorset

Outstanding course, well worth every penny, my thanks to Richard for his time and training he gave me for toastmastering. Many thanks, I am so happy to have become a member of the English Toastmasters Association.  J. G. Kent

The course content was fully covered in a very friendly and informative manner (time taken to meet any queries). A pleasure to meet other related people like photographers, toastmasters and venue organisers. Thoroughly interesting, the three days flew by and the assistance with my web site was invaluable. It was a pleasure to have attended the training course as it exceeded my expectations and provided a much greater insight into the role of the toastmaster which is down to the quality of the trainer. I look forward to meeting other toastmasters in the near future. Thank You. Jim Jardine Wales

Perfect delivery in a relaxed manner, just what I like. Excellent  R. G.

First class training by a very impressive professional body. Colin R Whitehead Essex

The course is delivered in a relaxed one to one atmosphere with a personal insight to the profession. The back up and training is amazing and makes you feel part of a team, camaraderie is probably the word, giving you the confidence to do the job, excellent tuition, thank you for the course. G.S. Suffolk

Professionally presented course in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Superbly supported by Lindsey and Linda. 

This course has given me the confidence to offer a more professional service to future clients. A pleasurable experience throughout. Many thanks to you Richard   Roy Timms, Bicester, Oxford

Need more time, Richard Palmer is a good instructor and will also listen and answer questions honestly.  Barry W Gilden Florida USA

I believe the course fulfilled my objectives. It was well paced and passionately delivered by Richard.  The DVD's show real life weddings. These were especially helpful.  The course is not only about delivering toastmaster services, but more importantly about delivering with care for the client.  M. W. Sheffield, Yorkshire

Thank you for sharing experiences, in a very relaxed and informative yet positive manner.  M. C.  Liverpool

A follow up e-mail arrived 28th February 2009 from Mike and reads as follows;-  Hi Richard and Linda  Just wanted to say a formal and sincere thanks for a smashing, informative and well run induction course.

It was a real pleasure to meet with you both and share your toastmaster experiences and indeed reap the rewards of your experience and advice. 

It was great to gain the knowledge in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst also enjoying meeting various members and trade partners. I am so looking forward to getting started, and will strive to continually reach ongoing excellence for the benefit of my clients. 

Finally, I would be most pleased if you would pass my thanks also to Lindsey, for her charm and endless cuppa's. Thanks again, Kind Regards M. C. 

Hugely informative and fantastic fun. You've put a huge amount of yourself - energy, knowledge and personality into these last three days. Thank you ever so much.  Nick Lawler Cumbria

A follow up e-mail from Terry arrived 13th December and reads as follows;- Richard's style of one2one training is excellent. His mix of topics matched my desire to learn as much as I could within the limited time frame.

Richard's vast experience shows through by the way he imparts knowledge as only a Master of his profession can. Meeting other toastmasters (A. M. and G. S.) was very beneficial as indeed was meeting his wife Linda an events manager and David Court a highly reputable wedding photographer.

Being able to talk frankly about the business with all these people only enhanced the quality of this course. Thank you again Richard for your wonderful hospitality as well as your patience in helping to steer me through the intricacies of such an excellent profession.

Thanks also to Lindsey for her never ending cups of well needed refreshment. I look forward to meeting you all again.  Terry

Richard, Many thanks for a fantastic day with you, I have gained so much in a short space of time.  R. A.  Berkshire  One day Alignment Course for experienced toastmaster joining the English Toastmasters Association.

Having made enquiries with a number of organisations, I found you to be the most responsive to my enquiry. You clearly have a wealth of information that you are happy to impart. The one to one suited my needs brilliantly and to my time scale.  I came with great expectations - I left overwhelmed with the amount of information & support at my disposal. I am proud to have joined such a well organised Association.  G. S.   Bedfordshire

Richard is an inspirational teacher who is a master of his craft and he has filled me with absolute enthusiasm for my new career as a Toastmaster.  K. G.   Lancashire

A follow up e-mail arrived 31st October 2008 from Kevin reads as follows

Hi Richard, As you know, two months ago I developed an interest in becoming a Toastmaster and searched the internet looking for the best way forward to pursue this. That search produced numerous options in terms of Toastmaster organisations and training courses. However, after you made contact and we spoke my instinct, not always reliable, told me that The English Toastmasters Association was the way to go.

 Having spent four exhilarating days being trained by you my instinct has, for once, been proved right. It has been an absolute privilege to spend time with such a modern and professional master of his craft as yourself whose ebullient enthusiasm for the role is so highly infectious. I emphasise the word modern because I think that you take Toast mastering out of the 19th Century and in to the 21st Century. 

I came to you knowing nothing about the role and in three intensive days you have, through a brilliant combination of visual, practical and on site training combined with face to face meetings with key players in the wedding business left me the skills to make a flying start to my own Toastmaster's career.  Not only that, but your expert advice on marketing my services is invaluable. Thank you hardly suffices.

 I am also extremely grateful to Linda and especially Lyndsey(?) for their kindness and the care they took of me, whilst I was with you and please pass on my thanks. I will personally contact Andrew and Garry to thank them directly. 

Finally, you can rest assured that I will wear the badge of The English Toastmasters Association with extreme pride and just hope that I prove to be worthy of it.   Kind Regards  Kevin

Excellent course - did not want it to end.  I feel I have hit the ground running, through excellent tuition given.  Michael O'Rourke

Excellent course.  Commitment shown in passing over the knowledge is second to none. One to one relationship is a major benefit because you have individual attention and full concentration to get the best results.  I now feel very confident that I can deliver excellent service to my clients.  T. S.   Essex

My sincere thanks for an excellent three days. My head is still buzzing and I am feeling enthusiastic and ready to go.  The manner in which you have approached the course is relaxing and is conducted at a comfortable pace. The course is well delivered and informative.  It makes learning a pleasure.  The DVD's are extremely helpful.  I have seen the work of a toastmaster from a new perspective which I will endeavour to practice in the future.  I have high standards to work to!  Geoffrey Cornwell   West Sussex

An excellent course.  The one to one course is very flexible and adaptable and met my needs fully.  A very satisfying and fulfilling three days, which has inspired me to become an effective toastmaster for my clients.  M. B.   Devon

The course was a wonderful insight into the arts and skills required to become a successful toastmaster. I hadn't realised the importance of strategic alliances with other core workers within the wedding industry, and also how little of the role is actually making announcements!

The valuable advice concerning marketing and sales strategies was a completely new ball game to me and you led me through that particular minefield with extreme patience, wisdom and good grace!  The whole course was delivered in a relaxed though professional manner, I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the other toastmasters, meeting David, Jennifer and Linda, the lunches and visiting the venues. I am extremely grateful to you, proud to be a member of the ETA.

I found the course interesting, informative and presented in a very personal manner. The one to one format is conducive to ensuring that Richard was able to see that each issue was understood before moving on to the next.  Visits to venues and having lunch together also made the learning process more pleasurable. I do not believe that the course could have been presented any better and leave it enthusiastic and confident.  Thank you Richard. 

A further comment from John, several months after the course, "I am very happy with the reaction of clients to the way I have been taught to go about my business".  John Churches   Johnhas now retired as a toastmaster but is a life member.

Richard obviously tailors information and needs delivery to suit candidates' abilities. An excellent course where I gained everything I required to give excellent service.  Terry Hughes   Dorset

As a member of the teaching profession for over 30 years I was very impressed by Richard's teaching style, which was both relaxed and thorough. At no time did he cast himself in the role of "expert", but, instead, he guided and mentored me through the course on equal terms, encouraging me to bring out and develop my own gifts and talents. At the same time, there was enough rigour during the training to ensure that all of the essential details were covered and that I felt equipped to further my career as a toastmaster.

It was a privilege to be able to shadow Richard in action at a wedding and to be present at an actual meeting with clients. This provided much more insight into the realities of the job as toastmaster than any amount of classroom based theory could afford.

II now feel that I am a member of the best professional organisation for toastmasters that there is, and that Richard is a senior "partner" in the full sense of the word. Thank you Richard for your friendship, conscientious example and consummate professionalism.  Adrian Hayes

I feel that all the information has been well researched and the whole delivery calm, informal and thorough. The caring manner and treatment by Richard was really great, making the learning process a pleasure.  John Parker  now retired life member

The delivery of information suited my particular learning style and was very effective. The course was not only informative but was also a pleasure to attend.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and hope that the relationship forged will continue to grow and become stronger.  M. G.

The three day course is an excellent grounding for toastmasters. The course was delivered in a thorough and professional manner with the focus on the client being an important theme running through the various topics. Additionally, being able to meet Front of House management is exceptionally useful as this provides understanding of their expectations. A. M.   Essex

The course was very helpful and informative in detail.  John Quinton-Navarro   Hertfordshire

Thank you for your hospitality, openness, absolute professionalism and knowledge sharing.  P. C.

Excellent course, relaxed atmosphere, very good value. A pleasure to have been part of the training course. J.L.    Kent

Very enjoyable, informative course, delivered in a relaxing way.  B. C.   Dorset

I think that the format was excellent.  Clearly has the flexibility to meet individual needs. A thoroughly enjoyable, informative and helpful experience and has whet my appetite for toastmastering duties.  THANK YOU.  J. T.    Yorkshire

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